1966 Fiberfab Aztec GT Rebuild Project

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  1. Rick says:

    can we get some pics of the “flip top” in action, as well as any technical closeups of the mechanism, locking system, and any issues with rattling. movement, etc. while the car is driving at speed?

  2. Tim DiGuardi says:

    Does anyone know of any Aztec Gt cars for sale? Especially ones with a tubular chassie. Please let me know. I am also looking for original fiberglass seats and plexiglass headlight covers. Tim

  3. Tom Wright says:

    theres a web site where a guy (EricMartin) builds some really nice chaisis”s. email me and Ill give you his number- one of his cars is listed on here– its Mazda rotary powered. He going to build me a mid engine chasis for my manta, while im putting a new Pan under my Azrec.

  4. Travis Potter says:

    I have a 1966 Aztec flip top bought it in 66 from the dealer in Texas I have a corver in it now but won’t to build a tube frame and put a Subi/withe tranie mid engin. If any one is out there still looking at this site please Email me. Thanks

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