Top 10 Vintage Kit Cars 6

Top 10 Vintage Kit Cars I cant believe I have never taken the time to create a list of the Top 10 Vintage Kit Cars. It may be because there are so many really cool […]

Not a Pantera Kit Car

Not a Pantera Kit Car 6

If you have been involved in kit cars for any amount of time you have seen some of the interesting descriptions sellers use to attempt to see their cars. I will say from the beginning […]

Aquila Kit Car for sale 2

Rick has this great Aquila kit car for sale. Because he has already done the hard work I am just going to post his listing from another website. Guys this is a great kit. Very […]

Aquila Molds for Sale 11

Thanks to “Letterman7” over on the samba for letting us know about it. Well this is one of my favorite kit cars ever. One that sadly I have never owned. The Aquila was built by […]

Aquila kit car on eBay 9

Ok so this is one of those cars that you really love or you really hate. I really love them. I have had a few chances over the years to purchase one, but lack of […]

Aquila VW Kit Car

Welcome to Aquila, an exotic limited production sports car, incorporating engineering and finishing details seldom found in kit cars.