Aztec 7

Aztec 7 Body on Craigslist 6

I just came across this Aztec 7 Body on Craigslist . The seller also included a few photos of what it “Could” look like when finished. This is what the ad says … 1970’s Aztec […]

Fiberfab Aztec 7 Project Car 1

This fiberfab Aztec 7 is one really BIG project car. The good is the intact lambo windshield. The bad is everything else. Here is what the craigslist ad has to say. I have Back to […]

New Fiberfab emblems on eBay 2

Hey Everyone,   I am pleased to announce the release of several fiberfab emblems in our eBay store. These emblems are created on a 3d printer and are made using ABS plastic. They are super […]

White Aztec 7 on eBay

Hey everyone, Karl just sent us an email to let us know that is Aztec 7 is for sale on eBay. It looks to be in very good condition. According to the auction he has […]

Aztec 7 for sale on eBay 3

Just came across this Aztec 7 while doing a late night eBay browse. It appears as though the owner does not know a whole not about it. The BIN price is $3000. In my opinion […]

The ultimate Aztec 7 2

Reading one of my favourite car blogs today, I saw this entry which managed to distract me from UFC100 — a post on Hemmings that linked to these pictures of the five thousand pound steam […]

Aztec 7 Project Car

Here’s a kit with a ton of potential — this Aztec 7 project car, largely unassembled, is for sale in the Tacoma, Washington area. Mark ( is selling it for only $1,000 — a great […]