Fiberfab Aztec Project For Sale

Fiberfab Aztec Project For Sale

Hey everyone.  I was browsing around craigslist I came across this Fiberfab Aztec Project for sale. The Fiberfab Aztec was one of the earlier cars from Fiberfab and came in a conventional door, Gull-Wing door, […]

New Fiberfab emblems on eBay 2

Hey Everyone,   I am pleased to announce the release of several fiberfab emblems in our eBay store. These emblems are created on a 3d printer and are made using ABS plastic. They are super […]

Fliptop Aztec GT 1

Steve sent us in a few photos of his flip top aztec project. He wrote that the car was purchased in Toronto last spring and is mounted on a 1969 pan. His planes are to […]

A Lucky Kit Owner! 7

Tom in Casper, Wyoming has a great pair of kits — a Manta Montage and an Aztec — that he’s planning on starting to work on in earnest this spring. The Manta is on a […]

Aztec Project Resumed 8

Richard ( recently picked up the red Aztec that was posted here for sale a while back… He writes, “it’s a decent lil car and believe it or not the engine wasn’t seized.” He’s also […]

X-Prize Aztec? 12

Jim’s ( got an interesting first-generation Fiberfab Aztec for sale, with an asking price of $3,000. If you’re wondering why the wheel wells are filled in, he was prepping this car to compete in the […]