Bradley GT2 Project Car Build

Hey everyone. As some of you may remember I while back I posted that I was going to do a Bradley GT2 Project Car Build with the sole purpose of showing people that may be interested in these great cars that they can be built for cheap if you are resourceful and do the bulk of the work yourself.

The target is to build this car for under $2500 in my home garage with the tools that most people would have.

Bradley GT2 Project Car Build

The Bradley GT2 Project Car I purchased last year was missing some items but was a solid start. It had a good windshield, solid floors, seats, gas tank, gauges, wheels, etc. Today I just purchased a second parts car . Well not so much a car but all the parts for it. That includes new Interior, all glass, bumpers, gauges, headlights, assembly manual, and more.

The idea is to be able to create 1 nice car out of the 2. With the 2 cars purchased I am still under budget buy a lot. I will not get into what I paid for everything just yet but I will create a spreadsheet during the process for everyone to follow.

Again this is not some crazy, high performance Bradley GT2 Project Car Build I am attempting do to. This will have a stock 1500cc VW engine, cheap paint, and all of the work is being done by me. When it is completed it should look good and put a smile on my face when driving it. That is all that matters after all, right?

As soon as the car arrives at the garage the build posts will start coming on a more regular basis . I want this car to be built pretty quick so its ready to start attending some car shows come summer.

PS: If you are a company that offers parts for Air-cooled VW, Lighting, or any other product that our readers might find useful maybe you would like to sponsor this build with your products. Feel free to email me if you have an interest.



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  1. Greg Thomas says:

    I’m very interested in this build, would like to do one of my own.. Whatever I build I want to be tube frame, cool body, street car but track capable, and hopefully cheep. I look forward to speaking with you!

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