Carlisle 2006

K-1 Attack 39

One of the most “complete” looking kits out of the box, in terms of looking like a mass produced vehicle that’s gone through years of refinement, product testing, and tooling is the Slovakian K-1 Attack […]

FFR GTM Supercar 6

One of the hottest cars at Carlisle 2006 was the Factory Five GTM Supercar, which to me sort of looks like a Ferrari 360 from the back and a modernized GT40 (although that’s not being […]

Computerized Avenger 4

This father-son Avenger projects has, among other customizations, blacked out headlights, a custom sound system and interior including a full computer, and a 3.8L V6 conversion. It was the first of I think five or […]

The “Feroce” 7

Apparently that’s Italian for “Ferocious”. This was once an ’85 Fiero and had a V8 Archie body kit, and is now owned as the “Feroce” by Edward Stephens in St. Johns, MI. The suspension is […]