Top 10 Vintage Kit Cars 6

Top 10 Vintage Kit Cars I cant believe I have never taken the time to create a list of the Top 10 Vintage Kit Cars. It may be because there are so many really cool […]

Cimbria Kit Car for Sale 4

Check out this Cimbria  Kit Car for Sale. The Cimbria was a great looking kit car. It was part of the family (but not the same company) of kit cars like the Sterling, NOVA, Eagle […]

Cimbria on Craigslist

Hey everyone, Just seen these good looking Cimbria for sale on Craigslist in Tampa Florida. I personally think its a few $1000 to much but hey there is a buyer for everything. Listing says it […]

Sites of Interest

I figured today would be a great day to post a few sites that our readers might find interesting. Adams Probe – This is a great website if you are looking for any sort of information […]

Cimbria In Ohio 5

The Cimbria is another one of those cars that I have always had a strange attraction for. This one looks like it is in good shape and it should be for being in storage for […]

Mystery One-Off Eagle Kit Car 6

I saw an “interesting” mystery kit car on YouTube that was identified there as a “Lamborghini PMA P400” replica, which obviously it isn’t, although it does have Lamborghini badges on it. I’d definitely put this […]

Cimbria SS for sale

The Cimbria is essentially a Sterling that’s been retrofitted with gullwing doors instead of the lifting top… Tim has got one up for sale right now in Appleton, WI for an asking price of $4,000. […]