Covin Porsche 911 Replica 12

Beginning in the early eighties, Covin built a Porsche 911 Turbo replica (both in this style and as a flatnose). Normally built around VW components and a fiberglass body, Luke’s example is running a 2 litre twin cam Vauxhall engine, currently for sale on eBay UK (#180254304436, located in Somerset). While it’s true that you can now buy a genuine Porsche 911 for not much more than a Covin replica, the truth is that the Covin is a far rarer vehicle, as well as costing less to maintain and insure… If you’re interested in more info, check out Covin Technical.

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12 thoughts on “Covin Porsche 911 Replica

  • Pat_McGroin

    So it’s rarer than a 911? Do you think there might be a reason for that? A car that looks like a 911, but has an asthmatic 4 cyl engine? Ooooh, yummy!

  • aussie

    You can easily update to later models by simply changing the front and rear panel and lights, still a substantial amount cheaper than the real 911 turbo, mine is powered by Subaru turbo which gives enough g forces to place you firmly in your seat.

  • ReplicaH8er

    Covin owners are sad, wifeless, gay orientated wankers that have absolutely no class. Driving a fake porsche. COME ON MAN, GET A FUCKING LIFE. Everybody knows your porsche is fake and THAT’s why you get laughed at behind your back. touting your replica goods around if they’re real is SOO FUCKING SAD!

  • T. Best in GA

    I am working on a 77 911S and the wheels began to turn (pun) when I saw Factory Five’s new 818 kit…
    I want a Covin body to put on a tube frame so I can put whatever engine I want and try some of my ideas without messing up a real Porsche. Anybody know where I could find a Covin? I have a 944 with a bunch of extra parts that I will gladly trade.

    • MIke

      WOW How did someone know I have a covin. Ive had it for about 7 years I have the 2.0 turbo ford motor But I removed it and installed a vw 1500cc single port engine so I wouldn’t have any probs with the smog laws here in California. just put new tires on my fuches. wider in rear and a new rubber smile on the front bumper. the interior needs complete restoration. it dose have the orig dash which is left hand drive . and I installed a custom fit aluminum gas tank. has a chevy tilt wheel nicely installed.the covin runs and drives. the exterior is in very nice shape all complete w/ turbo tail. missing one door handle and passengers side mirror. asking 7000.00dlrs w/ turbo mtr