DDR SP4 (McLaren F1 Replica – Shhh!) 24

Edit/Update: You can click through for the commments on this, but I should emphasize that the DDR guys were very clear that this is not a replica of the F1 or any other car, but a car that is simply inspired by supercars of this general theme.

Assuming they don’t get sued into oblivion, this demo-model DDR SP4 (designed and built in the Domincan Republic, although DDR is the name of the designer if I remember right) is built around Toyata MR2, but now that it’s in production in the United States, I believe it’s available with far more powerful driveline options.

(Pictures from Carlisle 2006 — stay tuned over the next while for many, many more photos. I’ll be back home on Tuesday or Wednesday, and will start posting in earnest then.)

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