Dune Buggies

Thank You Bruce Meyers 2

A surprising thing happened, a VW based kit car made the new and much touted National Register of Historic Vehicles. The National Register of Historic Vehicles is a newly formed organization that honors a vehicle […]

Fiberfab Clodhopper

Steve from California sent us these pics of his recently completed Fiberfab Clodhopper. Love the color and  the Fiberfab emblem really sets its off. These Buggies were produced in limited numbers by the Fiberfab company […]

Fiberfab Clodhopper

The CLODHOPPER is Fiberfab’s entry into the ever-expanding array of fiberglass bodies for shortened Volkswagen chassis. The CLODHOPPER is manufactured — as are all the Fiberfab products — from the highest quality glass fiber, polyester […]

Fiberfab Vagabond

The Vagabond is a great little fun car with typical Volkswagen practicality and economy. Ideal for a “second car”, the Vagabond can be a utility car for unlimited use. The stock Volkswagen seats are used […]