Ferrari 328 GTB replica for sale 6

Matt writes in about his Ferrari 328 GTB for sale. It’s powered by a 2.8L V6 and an automatic transmission. It sports remote door openers, a CD player, custom interior, power locks, window, and antenna, two-tone red and black seats, custom tilt steering wheel, Ferrari emblems, custom halogen headlights and dual fog/road lamps, custom exhaust, suspension, tires, and wheels, blue side view mirrors, Ferrari Rossa red paint, and more. Whew! The price is a firm $20,000 US and you can reach Matt at 631-484-2874 or via

ferrari-328-gtb-1.jpg ferrari-328-gtb-2.jpg ferrari-328-gtb-3.jpg ferrari-328-gtb-4.jpg ferrari-328-gtb-5.jpg

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