A Handcrafted Car Blog Year In Review

Hey Everyone. I decided to do this A Handcrafted Car Blog Year In Review to show people that in some aspect our “Hobby” is alive and well. Call them handcrafted cars, call them replicas, call them kit cars, or whatever you fancy, but it seems that people are still searching for these great cars.

A Handcrafted Car Blog Year In Review

Because of the power of google I get a lot of information regarding who reads this blog, how old they are, and what they are looking for. If you are into this sort of thing here is a bit of interesting information. Our traffic has gone up over 30% , and interestingly enough the top demographic is Males ages 25-34 (with 45-54 a close second)

Our primary source of traffic is organic. Meaning people have found us by searching for a term on google, yahoo, bing, etc. using terms like “Kit car”, “Sterling Kit Car” and so on . I could keep going but I am not going to bore you to death.

The Good and Bad in the Industry

A Handcrafted Car Blog Year In Review

This year it seems several companies have been for sale. From “Fiberfab US” (sold) , Sterling Sports Cars, and just recently, The Aldino Car Company. Not to mention the long out of production Willow Sports Car.  These are just a few of the companies and molds that have come up for sale over the past year.

Now I have seen some encouraging things come out of 2016 as well. Cars like the GF Goblin, Smyth UTE, Blackwell Sports Car (Former Widow SPR1), Jakabi Abster have all gotten their fair press . They are all great cars that are reshaping the way we think about kit cars.

This website has also seen some great changes. We still offer great content but are now “Fiberclassics” I personally feel it better represents the community has a whole. The handcrafted vehicle database is full of great looking user submitted cars, with new ones being added weekly.

What to look for in 2017

I am personally going to continue to spread the word and promote these great classics. I will be working with several people in 2017 to try and come up with some parts solutions for some of these cars that lack any support such as the Bradley GT and Bradley GT2. At the same time I will be expanding the website and doing  more in the way of advertising and promotion. And who knows, you may just see a few turnkey cars from fiberclassics at a show near you.

I wish you all the best in 2017