Handcrafted Car Registry

Welcome to our handcrafted car registry. On these pages you will find a current listing of owners and cars from some of the great car manufactures of the 1960s-1980s. If you have not added your car be sure to do so. If your manufacture and make is not listed in the drop down please send us an email so we can add it . You can add your car using this link http://fiberclassics.org/register-your-automobile/

This list will update often and you may be surprised how many cars just like yours are still around.

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First NameLast NameCityState/ProvinceCountryManufacturerMakeColorSerial NumberVehicle Photo
Norman Gunderson Kamloops British Columbia Canada Kelmark Engineering Other White Mark III July, 1982
Jorge Santibañez Cancun Other Other Other Other Red
Dan Pronk Brisbane Other Other Other Other Grey
Patrick Arnoux Sault de Navailles Other Other Fiberfab Other British Racing Green 707001
Andrew Shepherd Aylesbury Other UK Other Other Black Rochdale GT 1959
John Ohling West Point California USA Other Sterling Currently in prime waiting for color S007
Frank Kastell Berlin Other Other Ironsmith Other yellow-Brown
Daniel Gwin Pulaski Pennsylvania Bradley Automotive Bradley GT Silver 4 7090
Lou Delach Castle Shannon Pennsylvania USA Fiberfab Avenger not done will be blue
Kevin Polley Wingate Other UK Haynes Roadster Red/Black