Invader GT

Craigslist Deals of The Day

Craigslist Deals of The Day

Hey everyone. Had some time today and put together a few Craigslist Deals of The Day . These are just random deals I have found and any of them may be interesting to some of […]

New Invader Kit Car build

This is today’s LOL. Sometimes I think people should research what kit cars are selling for before they spend the time and money to restore/rebuild one. I don’t think this seller did that. Im guessing […]

Invader GT-5 Molds For Sale

Questions have been raised over the years as to what happened with this car but I can confirm with all certainty that the molds are in California and they are for sale. In addition there […]

1967 Invader GT Kit Car

I have not made any secret about it over the years. The Invader GT is in my mind one of the ugliest kit cars to ever be offered. When Bruce Weeks stole David Loring’s Idea/design […]