Fiberfab Jamaican Kit Cars

Fiberfab Jamaican Kit Cars

I believe I posted this one back in December. Here is is Feb and it is still on craigslist. The Fiberfab Jamaican kit cars is one of those kit cars you either really love or […]

1960’s Jamaican Kit Car 2

Just came across this 1960’s Jamaican Kit Car on craigslist. Another example of a seller shooting for the stars. This is quite a project for the $2500 asking price if you ask me. The Fiberfab […]

Fiberfab Jamaican for Sale

This Fiberfab Jamaican is for sale on craiglist right now. From what I can see from the pictures is it is in pretty good shape. If you have not heard of the Fiberfab Jamaican here […]

Today’s LOL 12

Man there has to be something in the water in Lakeland Florida. Something that makes you pull a car value out of thin are. This listing is a prime example of an “appraisal” gone wrong. […]

Big Block Jamaican 4

Mike Dwyer picked up this sixties Fiberfab Jamaican (he owns two of them) for $2,000 after it had been sitting for about thirty years. He’s currently building it up, and right now it runs a […]

1984 Kit Car Show 2

Bud Short sends in these photos from a 1984 kitcar fair… I love the Jamaican in the first photo, and of course the Corvette replicas. But I wish I could get a better look at […]