K-1 Attack 39

One of the most “complete” looking kits out of the box, in terms of looking like a mass produced vehicle that’s gone through years of refinement, product testing, and tooling is the Slovakian K-1 Attack by K-1 Styling. The kit includes everything but the donor car, a 1990-93 Honda Accord with either an F22 or H22 engine (including the 220 HP S-Type VTEC). I think my favorite part is the exposed front suspension.

attack-k1-11.jpg attack-k1-10.jpg attack-k1-9.jpg attack-k1-8.jpg attack-k1-7.jpg attack-k1-6.jpg attack-k1-5.jpg attack-k1-4.jpg attack-k1-3.jpg attack-k1-2.jpg attack-k1-1.jpg

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