An Italian Kamala 2

Rizzo in Italy (gymclubge@libero.it) sends in these pictures of his awesome black Dax Kamala, built around a Cosworth drivetrain… He’s sure this is the best Kamala out there (and the only one in Italy) and […]

Kamala Futuro Kit Car 3

One of the most exotic modern cars out there, I’ve always been a big fan of the Kamala, although more so of the original Kamala RT than the second “Futuro” version that swapped in a […]

Dax-era Kamala Kit Car 23

I really think the old Kamala kit (originally by Dax, and later by a new company, Kamala Cars, that deserves to be slapped for the grotesque Kamala Futuro they created) is amazing, and wish it had been more […]