KAZ’s Collection of Past Kits

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  1. Schmitty says:

    Love that Marauder GT even if it is a replica (Lola T70). What are the chances of ever finding one of those for sale?


  2. Bats says:

    In the 70’s the Marauder ads would fuel my day dreams and fantasies, I still have their flyer package, I loved the Lola and Chevron cars best,
    I have no clue if it was Marauder but a couple Lolas like this has popped up a couple times on Fleabay in the last couple years or its the same car just getting a bit more worked on,
    Point is they are out there but pricey!

  3. Rick says:

    I’m liking the retro 80’s look of the Talon. Did it come with a roof for bad weather?

  4. Tee Knight says:

    Hi there.
    I have had a 917 Laser before and really miss it. My was powered by a Chevy V-6. If you would like to sell your 917.. Please, Please, let me know ok??


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