Lamborghini Countach

Stuck in a Countach kit 5

I don’t normally post videos here, but for this I’ll make an exception: If you thought getting in and out of a Lamborghini Countach was hard, don’t even bother trying to escape from a cheap-looking […]

Countess Countach “Replica” 8

Speaking of Lamborghini Countach clones that aren’t really particularly accurate, but still have some level of charm, this Countess Countach (I think that’s what it is — the seller didn’t know, and actually thought it […]

That’s no Countach! 3

Ok, so I wasn’t going to post, but then I saw this outrageously ugly “Lamborghini Countach style” kit car on eBay (#190231650810) and had to mention it. I’d say this easily out-uglies the simplified Countach, […]

Out Countaching a Countach 5

Bob is selling (#270244501530) this very strange even more wedge-like interpretation of the already wedge shaped Lamborghini Countach for his dad — it’s located in Letchworth Herts, UK (near Stansted Airport in Essex), and is […]

Nothing Fiero on this car! 11

“1badlambo” is looking to either sell his Lamborghini Countach 5000 replica, or trade it for another interesting exotic. The whole thing is custom, using many original parts (including all the glass). The radiators and vents […]

Simplified Countach 8

This car, owned by Lars Hildingsson, is in my opinion a pretty poor example of a replica given that it looks looks basically a children’s drawing of a real Lamborghini. I mean, they didn’t even […]