Manta Mirage

Manta in Naples Florida 5

I wish I had a bit more info to add to this post, but here is it….. Larry just send in these photos of a Manta he picked up in Naples. Thats all! Enjoy and […]

Manta Mirage on eBay 5

Check out this rough but complete Manta Mirage located in Florida. Looks like a good start for someone in the market, but will need some attention to be a great driver. They have it listed […]

Stunning Black Manta 2

Seems this car was just listed and sold not too long ago. We can’t see much in the couple pictures, the black looks stunning and it does look very complete and unmolested, The way the […]

Leo’s Manta Mirage

Leo in New York is working on this Manta Mirage project… Seriously, I don’t think there’s a meaner looking car out there than the Mirage. Even half-assembled it looks amazing from all angles.

Yellow Manta Mirage 3

There’s a great looking yellow Manta Mirage up for sale on eBay (#130276088113) in Davenport, Florida with opening bid of $10,000. From the description it sounds like this is the long version (both a short […]

Mirage in a box

You know, even packed away in a crate the Manta Mirage is one of the best looking kits out there. This is Eric’s ( project. Unfortunately he’s short a windshield, and Manta Cars doesn’t have […]

Yellow Manta Mirage

There’s a decent looking Manta Mirage up on eBay right now (#220273752407) in Mooresville, IA (although the car has a Missouri title and a California VIN). It’s very bright yellow, and has an unfortunate wing […]

Orange Manta Mirage For Sale 8

I’m in the process of moving so posts may be sporadic. Tips and cars to continue to be appreciated and will be posted! Currently waiting for an opening bid of just $10,000 (#130238688697) is […]