Martaré GT

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  1. Lars says:

    I get also one Martare GT from Netherlands. At the moent the car is in my workshop and I try to rebuid it. Therefore that I be in germany, the german road homologation (Tüv) is very difficult. However, I belive that alltrhue ther be only 3 cars remaining form this classic car style done by Matare.

    • Raymond says:

      Dear Lars,

      If you like I have more information about the Martare kitcars.
      Please send me an email if you are interested.
      (this is to avoid spam)



      • Lars says:

        Just have seen your mail. Have send you one mail (in German – hope you can understand) with some pictures of the restauration process. However, I am surly interested in more information and connection to other how might have some Martare GT cars. So if you don’t mind, here my direct contact:

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