Mystery Cars

New Beetle Dune Buggy 30

Yes, yes, I am the worst blogger ever, disappearing for months on end. I know. Anyway… Peter sent me this picture from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, of a couple of mystery cars. They seem to be […]

Mystery One-Off Eagle Kit Car 6

I saw an “interesting” mystery kit car on YouTube that was identified there as a “Lamborghini PMA P400” replica, which obviously it isn’t, although it does have Lamborghini badges on it. I’d definitely put this […]

Mystery Kit Car 3

Sorry for my absence this past week. I will return, don’t worry. But in the meantime, Tim found this mystery kit and sends it in hoping someone can help identify it… Sort of a Porsche […]

Looks like fun! 5

Drasko writes in asking if I know anything about this VW-based (judging by the suspension) project. I could swear I recognize it, but I’m not putting a name to it right now… Can anyone say […]

What is it? 15

Tim DiGuardi (, who’s scouting for old VW-based kit cars, writes in with this mystery car… Does anyone have any idea what it is? I can’t ID it personally. Click for a larger picture.

“Gumby” Kit Car? 3

Just noticed this kit car / buggy on a VW chassis, identified as a “Gumby” (perhaps because it looks like Gumby, I don’t know) for sale on Craigslist (#831133738) in the Los Angeles area… The […]