Noble M12 Elise Killer 4

I’m not sure that the Noble really counts as a kit car? I mean, the whole thing is built for you other than the transaxle… But in any case, it was one of the head-turners at the show and one of the most “production quality” feeling (if you know what I mean) vehicles at the show — and performance specs are something like 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and lateral G’s of 1.16. These photos don’t do it justice.

noble-m12-3.jpg noble-m12-2.jpg noble-m12-1.jpg

I believe this car was being shown by 1G Racing.

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4 thoughts on “Noble M12 Elise Killer

  • Derek

    After a little bit of research it looks like about £45,000. That is about half the price of 911 Turbo. Lee Noble expects to build ruffly 100 cars per year and the first year’s production is already sold out. He is working up the funds to develop another car. I am sure it will be even sweeter!

  • Will

    It is not a “kit” car other than how it is imported to get around federal regulations. It is a complete factory car which is shipped in parts into the U.S. to meet legal requirements. It’s a supercar which is on par in performance with an Enzo. I have the M400 and it is a beast, no questions about it.