One-Off Auto Union Racer Replica

One of the kookier vehicles driving around Carlilse 2006 is what I assume is a one-off DIY replica of an old Audi Auto Union race cars (if I’m recognizing it correctly, this is a Auto Union Type C/D Hillclimb car). While there are many new components in it, as far as I could tell, it was also built using many much older parts as well (including the driveline). I don’t know much more about this car, so if you do, please drop me a line!

audi3.jpg audi2.jpg audi1.jpg

2 Responses

  1. John Lloyd says:

    Looks pretty odd with those little wheels. Probably just a homebuilt, as not authentic enough to be an Audi product.

  2. Phil Friday says:

    Slightly kooky it is and it does look off with the small wheels but that’s the way I built it. The joke is the above comment about it not being authentic enough. It is actually built on a 1963 Auto Union 1000S(DKW) chassis and running gear..3 cylinder, 2-stroke, 1000cc’s of pure fun. So in reality it is probably one of the most legit replicas around. Someday I’ll find some big wheels, in the meantime I’ll just continue having a blast and stopping traffic wherecer I go.

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