One of a kind Centaur 1

Paul emailed me this pretty cool “one of a kind” car called the Centaur. The auction states it was once owned by William Harrah, of the Harrah Casinos. He brought up the possibility that it […]

The ultimate Aztec 7 2

Reading one of my favourite car blogs today, I saw this entry which managed to distract me from UFC100 — a post on Hemmings that linked to these pictures of the five thousand pound steam […]

VW-Based Can Car 1

Roger (who sent in the previous two posts) also sent along some photos of his own work (which you can find in more detail at This is his second car in the series, labeled […]

Mystery One-Off Eagle Kit Car 6

I saw an “interesting” mystery kit car on YouTube that was identified there as a “Lamborghini PMA P400” replica, which obviously it isn’t, although it does have Lamborghini badges on it. I’d definitely put this […]

But does it float? 2

The answer is no… This hilarious and slightly decrepit boat/car conversion is up on eBay (#110336071819) in Northern Illinois. The auction is up in three hours and it hasn’t yet cracked $200 or the reserve, […]