Orange Manta Mirage For Sale

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  1. MOHMAD says:

    how mich this is the car

  2. Debby says:

    I am interested in knowing more about this car…

  3. Jay Anne says:

    heck i want to buy it right now just give me the number

  4. frank says:

    If it is still for sale I will buy it,

    707-639-5295, cell 916-515-6602

  5. Dano says:

    I never realized that the Mirage used a corvair transaxle as the standard setup. I know where a Mirage has been sitting in a shed/barn for close to 30 years! It’s orange and has a sbc like this one. These kits and the Montage’s are some of the best looking from their era…imo.

  6. Yeah, stock they are 4-speed Corvair, although people swap in ZF (a la the Pantera) transmissions and Porsche (G35 I think?) transmissions as well to handle more power and for 5 and 6 speed set ups.

  7. Actually these cars can still be registered in California…SB 100 law at start of each year. 500 cars in California are allowed as long as its a non year car and Manta meets this criteria. The trans is the weak link of this car as the input shaft has to take the torque of a much larger engine….as long as you don’t jump on it to burn rubber they will last a long time….hope I’ve helped…and yes I miss my Manta !

  8. Chris Kowalski says:

    Very interested if u still have please call Chris 201 702 3527 if it has clean title. Have cash $$$$$$$

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