Yellow Shalako BACK on eBay 2

Hey everyone, Just wanted to give you all a heads up. We posted a Shalako that was on eBay back in January. At that time the auction ended with the final bid being $3,561.00 but […]

Shalako in Las Vegas 1

Craigslist has been full of some gems lately. Check this one out. a Shalako from the looks of it with a really odd front end. I dont recall ever seeing one with pop-up headlights. This […]

Modified Shalako on eBay

Well the this auction just ended with the reserve not being met. Last bid was $3045. Honestly not very much info on the listing. Just that it is rare (of course), That it is on […]

Shalavette on eBay 3

Check it out. For all of you Shalavette fans out there, an eBay member currently has one listed. There is just a little over a day left and the reserve has not been met. I […]

Dick Dean Shalako For Sale 3

In the sixties legendary hot rod builder Dick Dean released a buggy/kit car called the “Shalako”, which predates analogous sports-car/buggy hybrids like the Manx SR. Although the vehicle was popular and well known, and MPC […]