Tri Magnum 3 Wheeler For Sale 8

This Tri Magnum 3 Wheeler For Sale in California . I have always loved these and for a good 10 years I have had the RQ Riley Plans sitting in my filing cabinet waiting to build one. If anyone of you are as fond of these as I am and you have $3000 burning a hole in your pocket this one in California might be the one for you. This one has been for sale for a bit and I have seen the price drop a few times.

It is powered by a Honda CB750 and is other then the removable top it looks to be built right by the plans.



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8 thoughts on “Tri Magnum 3 Wheeler For Sale

  • Rich

    Mine is on it’s 3rd paint job and is detailed on this site . I would say from personal experience the 750cc bike is too small for it. Anything under a liter bike would struggle with the extra weight mine gets warm and it’s much larger than the 750.

      • Rich

        If the replacement bike is the same wheelbase it might not be too bad. Since the body is built using the the completed chassis as a jig the body length depends on the wheelbase.

        The popular bike is the Honda Goldwing for the reverse and the lower gearing.

    • Donnie Post author

      I do not know. Once I make the post I rarely keep up with them. I do know of one that may still be for sale at $5000 . If you are interested email me and I will forward your info to the owner.