Tri-Vator 3 Wheeler For Sale on Craigslist

Here is something you do not see everyday or at this price. This Tri-Vator 3 Wheeler For Sale on Craigslist was produced by a little known company called Toby Industries in the early 1980s.

Tri-Vator 3 Wheeler For Sale on Craigslist

Tri-Vator 3 Wheeler For Sale on Craigslist

The Tri-Vator was powered by an aircooled engine and at the time it was advertised as getting 45-60 mpg and was The 12 ft long, 5 ft wide, and 4 ft high.

You could purchase the Tri-Vator as a Turnkey from the factory or in 3 different kit levels.

The basic kit included the body, belly pan, canopy, and front suspension

The deluxe kit had everything included in the basic kit plus templates and patterns, wiring harness, continental wheel kit, fuel tank, trim accessories and steering assembly.

The complete kit was pretty much anything other than the VW parts to get it up and running.

This is what the seller has to say about the one he is selling….

Very unusual kit from a small shop made in New Mexico in about the 60s . It is my understanding that a very limited number of kits were ever produced, and only a very small number ever finished. When I got this raw kit several years ago there was only about 70% of it there. It lacks several small brackets and part of the front wheel set up. The fork is present, but missing the wheel, tire, brake assembly as well as the locating arms and shocks. Since I have had it I have gotten the needed VW rear torsion assembly welded in, found a used swing trans and bolted it in to test fit, and rigged up a VERY temporary front wheel just to keep the frame up off the ground and make it possible to move around more easily.I have also found an original sales brochure and a copy of the assembly manual. Project does not include an engine. I will consider a trade for a driver vehicle. Right now I am in need of an AWD Astro Van (mine died) but willing to listen to any offers. I will post a picture of a finished car just for reference. Located on western slope about an hour south of Grand junction For more details please call (no text) or leave your number on the Craigslist reply. I do not respond to any contact without a valid phone number.

If you are interested in this interesting project you can contact the seller via the craigslist ad.