RQ Riley Trimuter 1

Another flashback from Sergei. The Tri-Muter is a 3 wheel vehicle you can build from plans. The plans are offered on . Standard plans are $95 . You can also find these in various […]

Badsey Bullet

With only 8 said to be made the Badsey Bullet is pretty rare. The vehicle was created by Bill Badsey of California and when it went into production it was powered by a Yamaha 1200 […]

Diesel-Electric Trike

There’s an interesting DIY trike project up for sale on eBay right now (just about to end; #190281499267) in Sanford, Florida. It’s described as 80% complete, and is powered by a 36x12V Sevcon PowerPak mated […]

Mantis Ageon / Targa 13

A while back I posted about a car that I ID’d as an Invader, even though the Craigslist seller was identifying it as a “Mantis”, a car I’d never heard of. Extremely lucky bastard Jason […]