Valkyrie GT-X Project Car For Sale

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  1. Rick says:

    um, having the fuel cell in such close proximity to the exhaust? Any vapor release and you get an ‘external combustion engine”…

    isnt the fuel cell in these usually behind the driver’s compartment, with the engine back a bit more towards the rear axle?

  2. I was thinking exactly the same thing, Rick… If this was my car I would definitely relocated that fuel tank!

  3. Bats says:

    dont most all Manta mirage run the tank in about the same location?

  4. No — the Mirage has a pair of fuel cells, one under each door.

  5. Bats says:

    You mean after people upgrade the Mirage or the way Manta sold them in the 70’s?
    I know I have seen a few with the tanks over the tranny, and all Valks were done that way,
    If manta built them with side fuel cells that rocks,
    I know the Mirage had extra bracing on the sides of the frame but no where near enough to keep the fuel cell out of your lap if T boned hard

  6. Andrew Sego says:

    I’m looking for a set of SBC 180 degree headers like the ones in the picture above. Any idea who made them and where I should start looking to find a set or ones like it? Thanks

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