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Long & Newman Pantera

Long & Newman Pantera 2

Long & Newman Pantera I just wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know I just spotted what looking like a Long & Newman Pantera Kit Car on craigslist. From what I can […]

Award for The WORST Kit Car

Award for The WORST Kit Car 2

And the Award for the WORST Kit Car goes to…. THIS ABOMINATION. I get that kit cars are sometimes created as someones vision, but the designer of this kit car must have been half blind. […]

Smart ForTwo based Kit Car

As you know kit cars come in all shapes and sizes. Enter the German designed Michalak C7 for the Smart ForTwo. The idea behind this kit is to transform your Smart Car into a lightweight […]

SS1 Kit Cars 3

Hey everyone. I hope you are all doing great. A long time reader and owner of www.nationalsterling.org sent me some photos of this mystery kit car. To be honest I had no idea what it […]

1980 Miura MTS 1.8 project 2

Check out this 1980 Miura MTS 1.8 project Kit Car. I need to be transparent and let you know I have no idea about the history of these cars. From what I can find these […]