When kit cars look “normal”

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  1. Companies like dutton, quantum cars and brooke Banham all made a number of very practical, if pedestrian, original design kits throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Dutton even made an SUV of sorts.

    BTW- that Triad is obviously a re-bodied nissan/datsun 1st gen z-car (probably 240 or 260z); at least if the pic is any indicator. A possible photo mix-up?


  2. penski says:

    The TRIAD looks very mk1 Ford Capri…


  3. cathy hughes says:

    I have an original Bradley GT kit car in good condition. i drove it year arround one of the years i had it. I have had it for 8 years. Its blue with a white racing strip lown the middle with a #1 on the front, and sides. it could use some Tlc. only adking $2,000. sorry no picture because i do not haave a digital camera. phone # is 620-449-2181
    If you know anyone intrested?

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