Yellow Invader GT Kit Car

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  1. george brown says:

    Thank you for placing my toy on your site.
    It did not sell so I may list it localy.

  2. ane says:

    i just love your yellow invader i want mine to be just like it. can someone tell me what a total restoration would be. is there anyway for these kit to be air conditioned the old ones like the invader. please help me.

  3. ane says:

    have you sold this kit yet i would love to buy it where are you located.

  4. Dan Yarger says:

    I have an Invader that a mechanic shop gave me for free. Where would I find the VIN number or original Bug chassis plate in order to make it DMV legal? I have no title, just a Bill of Sale. If no Vin number can be found, is there another way to register a car without a VIN number?

  5. Tyler says:

    I posted incorrectly under a different post – I purchased this exact car just a few weeks ago! I can’t believe I stumbled upon it here lol. Anyway, I am searching for ANY information that is available on it. The car is not currently running – it will be a few more weeks before it goes into the shop for a safety check.

    Any information is greatly appreciated! I was told that it is the only one in Canada(?).


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