1933 Packard Speedster Replica

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  1. Mark says:

    This is a GP Madison, built in the early 1980s (the “D” plate gives 1966 as the donor VW Beetle). GP Concessionnaires were a very successful manufacturer of buggies and all things VW based. It was never intended as a replica, just “inspired” by 30s roadsters. Have not seen one in decades. Some of their other stuff was truly inspired like the Turbo (Porsche style wide arches and whaletail for Beetles) and accomplished original designs like the Talon.

  2. Steve B says:

    I own a Madison here in the UK based on a 1600 Beetle, the moulds for this kit were sold to the Austrialians back in the early nineties and since have been sold on to the Maylaysians and the car is now in production as the Bufori.
    I have owned two of these cars over a ten year period and now they are becomming very rare and admired. Any other owners that wish to contact me are more than welcome bloycewilly@aol.com.

  3. JA says:

    I have heard/read many reviews about the Madison, and read a lot of people say that it was/is owned by the company Bufori.

    I have visitied their plant in Malaysia and it is anything other than a Kit Car. When I asked them if they were the company that bought them they said they werent. They emphasied that they have NEVER been a kit car nor will they EVER be a kit car.

  4. NICK says:

    hi iv just got one its in a run down state i think its stood a long time inside think it will tidy up ok how much are they worth is it worth doin up meny thanks

  5. Allan says:

    I used to own a coupe version of this car based on a Ford Cortina. I was interested on the comment by JA about the Bufori comment above as I used to have a website about my car and they (Bufori) demanded that I removed it as soon as possible or face legal action as they owned the rights to the car and that it had never been produced as a kit car. Obviously I told them to “go forth and multiply” and with the help of a gentleman who owns the Madison name rights for the original car, who had contacted me because of my page, we got them to do just that.
    If NICK reads this, would you be interested in selling your Maddie?

  6. Vytautas says:

    I know were u can get car like this, but with out engine and with out ducuments.

  7. Derek Spiers says:

    We owned a Madison from 1987-95. It was a 2000 GT Cortina donor. Old cliche – but it really was a head turner. Deep red pearlescant paint, stacks of chrome, side exhausts etc etc. Sold it to a bloke in Berlin, last seen embarking on ferry at Tyneside! Reg was Q139 WAK – would really like to knwo if she is still around somewhere.

  8. southern GB john says:

    i bought a 1966 madison. what a fantastic car, it is on a beetle pan with a 1600 vw engine. it is in very good condition and has had a great deal of time and money spent on it. the car had been standing for quite some time but still got me home 180miles at 70mph it never missed a beat.
    it would be great to hear from anyone out there with one.

  9. Does anybody know where there is a Madison coupe bodyshell or car for sale? I dont mind rough or derelict. I have always fancied one, I almost bought a new kit in the nineties but ended up with an Elan 2 instead.

  10. Andrew Berry says:

    Hello I own a 1979 Madison Kit car now for 4 years Reg AYX713T
    It has been shown on various sites.It came from London up north
    1st to yorkshire and now in Lancshire.It has the 1600cc VW engine.
    May a make a point this kit,s where only sold from 1979 to 1990,
    I sorry people are wrong with any earlier date this is reading the
    year off the chassis if it predates this…what ever they think…ok

    • Um, yes, the car will be registered as whatever the chassis is. The body is considered just another part.
      If you put a new horn or door on a 1968 Ford, it’s still a 1968 Ford.


    • Anthony Padgett says:

      Hi Andrew, I’ve just bought a Madison and it needs abit of work tidying it up. I live in Preston, Lancashire so if you fancy meeting up to chat that would be great. I’m particularly looking to make a hood and frame if you have one and know a hood maker? best wishes Anthony

  11. Neville Trickett says:

    To put the record straight I designed and produced the original Madison prototype
    in September 1980…. it was initially marketed by GP before becoming
    the ‘Bufori Madison’……. Neville Trickett.

  12. Jon Wyatt says:

    I have owned a Madison for 8 years and I am now looking for some chrome wired wheels with white wall tyres , would anyone know where I can pick up a set from that will be suitable and not cost a fortune?

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