1967 Invader GT Kit Car

I have not made any secret about it over the years. The Invader GT is in my mind one of the ugliest kit cars to ever be offered. When Bruce Weeks stole David Loring’s Idea/design and decided to run with it he took everything that was great about the David Loring car and ruined it. There is nothing about these cars from any angle that is appealing. It is almost like they took a giant ball of clay and dropped it from a building. When it landed and was all deformed they had their car.

The 1967 Invader Kit Car that you see here is a mess. It needs more then it has to offer. The seller is asking $4000 for this horrible car that will need $4000 in work, just to be able to resell it for $2500 . What a steal……..NOT!!! This one is about $3200 to much if you ask me.

From the ad…

1967 Invader vw kit car! Runs very good with a good motor! Needs a little brake work and some TLC! It is drivable! You don’t see many of these around so don’t miss out on this deal! My name is William and my number is
I’m asking $4000 OBO! NO EMAILS!

I especially like the “You dont see many of these around” A quick google image search for Invader GT Kit Car shows MANY of them around. Anyway here are the pics and you can find the car here http://columbia.craigslist.org/cto/5011776557.html

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