This is a stunning car for many reasons, The Aztec 7 was Fiberfabs answer to the Bertone Carabo a really stunning show car that the Aztec will remind one of,
I have heard that many Aztec 7’s were plagued with various malfunctioning issues like parts removed “green” from the molds causing warping.
And if you have never seen an Aztec 7 in person you need to, pictures do not do it, you will love it or hate it, but it has no under cut from bottom of the window down, it’s very flat and straight.
Fiberfab used a rather expensive hard to get windscreen from a lambo so many Aztec 7’s were discarded for that reason alone.
This example looks like they made all hurdles of an early kit in top shelf bounds, The body looks to be finished with a fit seldom seen on “kit cars” and the interior is breathtaking, it feels like I am looking inside a high dollar exotic not “just” an Early kit car.
While I am a VW fan I have never been a fan of overbuilding the VW engines but I have a feeling this one will do just fine.
At the time of my posting this is has no bids, I guess the economy is really hurting things because it seems to me that if a buyers dream was the Aztec 7 the entry price on this one isn’t that far off,
No doubt this is the nicest Aztec 7 I have ever seen and might be the best one there is.