Allied Industries Concept 1

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  1. chris rice says:

    I own a flatback kit car on a ’69 vw chassis . I have owned this car for more han 30 yr’s. I don’t know who made these cars. There was also a Thames look alike. You could find the adds for these cars in the back pages of old vw magazines. I would like o who made these cars. Currently the trans axle needs to be replaced and I also need a motor. When I bought the car it came with a 1500 single port. Could someone out give me some advice or information on these cars (history, manufacuer,) anyting would be appriecated Thanks Chris.

  2. steve liberty says:

    is it for sale? even if its not, could you share some pictures?



    • admin says:

      Hey Steve,

      The concept 1 molds came up for sale here in Orlando last year but I did not catch the craigslist ad. I have been looking for them since with no luck. I think it is a great looking buggy. I do hear from people who own or have owned them that they are a pain to get in and out of though. If I find the molds you will see it here on

  3. Rand Perry says:

    I believe these were also made by Dune Runner Manufacturing. Pain in the butt to get out of but a fun little buggy.


  4. Marcos says:

    i have a 1962 concept 1 runs looks great might sell it if price is right……and i am always lookng for extra parts in case anyone selling any

  5. Ivan Ogburn says:

    This is great.
    Do you have other pages, like the specs for this kit?

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