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American Fibre Craft Company History

American Fibre Craft was a short lived car company that was based out of Cupertino, California . From what I understand they only produced one model, the Aquila. The Aquila was a loose interpretation of the BMW M1 of the day. What made this handcrafted car unique is unlike most of the cars in the same class of the day, this one was made of 16 pieces that was assembled by the factory. Even the glass was installed. The body was bolted together instead of made of one piece. This certainly made things much easier in the event of an accident that required lets say a fender to be replaced.

The Aquila came from the factory as a Builders Kit and a Deluxe Top Kit. Options included electric power kit as well as air conditioning. The spare tire was located ahead of the front axle, and the gas tank was mounted above the transaxle .

You can still find these cars come up for sale on popular websites from time to time. Some complete and some as a project.


American Fibre Craft Models

  • Aquila – BMW – M1 Replica


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