Another Ferrari Daytona

I got an email this morning asking me about my old McBurnie Ferrari Daytona replica (mine was built around a 400ci 74 Corvette, but never made it past the primer stage — it was bought to resell because the price was right). Anyway, it reminded me how much I’ve been neglecting this blog (just finished converting my body modification blog (NSFW) to WordPress), so here are a few pictures of a much nicer Daytona from Carlisle 06:

ferrari-daytona-1.jpg ferrari-daytona-2.jpg ferrari-daytona-3.jpg

I am so sorry I didn’t remember to take a photo of the for sale info — if anyone knows more, please post it in the comment forum.

PS. Here’s mine:


Not quite so nice…!

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  1. JAQUES says:

    I’m looking for manufacturers of a FERRARI DAYTONA CAB REPLICA.
    Can you give me web site where I can see them and what they have already done.
    I live in France but I don’t care where the manufacturer leaves.
    Thank you for answering.

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