Another Quebec Mystery Car

When Isabelle and her husband first saw this buried in the snow in a backyard, they thought it might be a Vokaro because parts of the rear are similar, but the front is far too angular… Anyone recognize it? It looks like so many cars, but I can’t pin it down to just one.

not-vokaro-1.jpg not-vokaro-2.jpg

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  1. DAve says:

    Kinda reminds me of a Bradley GT from the front, but the back…im not sure…

  2. Larocque Yves says:

    I would say that this car is a MANIC. It was made in quebec as a kit with a renault as donor.

  3. f says:

    looks a bit like a strange buggy?

  4. geoff says:

    it is a bradly gt scorpian there is a bradly gt car club on line for pics. bradly

  5. Ah yes, I think the SCORPION GT theory is correct!

  6. Owner says:

    No I’m sorry, but It’s not a Bradley GT Scorpion like you said, look at the head lights and the doors and a lot more, I know the base is a volkswagen bug 1972 14 inches chopped frame 1600cc

    I really would like to know what it is !

  7. cris says:

    yes this looks pretty much as a manic gt!

  8. Yannick says:

    NO I’M the new owner and look at it carefully, it’s not a manic gt for sure.
    Maybe it’s the only one in the world

  9. John Dreger says:

    I don’t think this is a Manic, but from the windscreen, it appears to have been partly made from a Renault donor car.

    It has some of the clues of Bradley, some of the style hints of Manic, etc., and appears to be rear engine. Yet, it has a different sense of proportion to it than a Manic, does it not? I recall a Manic as having a more sloping windscreen placement than this car. It also did not have the gull wing doors, so if it’s a Manic, it’s a much much modified Manic..

    Unless the photos are showing some distortion, this car appears to me more narrow and more upright than what I think a Manic should have looked.

    Is there any chance the photographers might revisit the site and get a shot of it without the snow? If it’s a Manic, there should be three bolt wheels on it, unless the builder replaced the suspension with some other design (since the chassis was a Renault R8/R10 donor chassis).

  10. Quinten says:

    its a Mini Marcos , midas

  11. Woodsy says:

    I would be willing to bet that it is an early Bradley GT. The removable roof section and rear end are all Bradley features, I’ve looked a several lately. The snow covers some of it, but I fell pretty certain that it is a Bradley.

  12. Francois Verville says:

    Definately not Manic GT, more differances than similarities

  13. Yannick says:

    Maybe with the new pictures someone will know what’s the name of that VW Kit car

    This fits with my new 2080cc engine !! near 200hp

  14. mikenite says:

    looks like an opel theres

    a black opel in my neighborhodd that looks jsut like that

  15. Phil says:

    I know the car. It was developed and sold by Brossard Speed Shop on the South Shore of Montreal (Canada). I bought a traditional style buggy from them and had plans to buy this style as well, but eventually moved out west. I saw several unassembled bodies in their storage area so more than one existed. I can’t remember what they called it. I’m sure I still have the original flyer somewhere. If the owner needs this info you can give him my email.


  16. Phil says:

    Just to add to my previous post; the top comes off and the car looks more like a traditional dune buggy with a rear seat, sort of like Dean Jeffries’ Kyote. It also has a fibreglass windshield surround, unique for its time.


  17. Simon says:

    This is not a Manic GT! I have one, and it doesn’t look like this. Go to (french) and compare…

  18. Joe Hopkins says:

    Just for information sake, this car is not a Scorpion (I own one and there are noticeable differences) I would say from looking at it, that it was originally a Bradley GT and the Lexan Glass door windows broke so they customized a set of doors to replace.

  19. ROBERT, FORT WORTH says:


  20. yannick says:

    I’m the owner and it’s not a myer manx sr as far as I know.

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