Antique & Classic Automotive Inc. 1934 Frazer Nash

Antique & Classic Automotive Inc. 1934 Frazer Nash VW Kit Car

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  1. SVG says:

    Thank you for posting these… great info and great site. 34FraserNash from The Samba.

  2. chantai owens says:

    hello my grandfather is trying to rebuild one of these and he is not good with computers Is there some type of manuel available? Please let me know.

  3. Alan Toth says:

    My father-in-law, Richard Lyons, built a 1894 Frazer-Nash in 1978 that looks exactly like the brochure (cream/brown in color) except he put the spare tires on the fenders. We also put a Holly carb, intake, and a mild grind Isky ground cam in the unit. Runs like a raped ape. I have a problem, the amp. and speedo gauges work but all the others do not. No blown fuse nor broken wires. Do not have a wiring diagram and he did not wire the unit like a normal 1970 VW. Can you or someone help to procure a diagram as to how they should be wired? Also I do not know how the fuse panel is laid out as well. He also built a 1927 Bugatti (your kit)and it does not wire the same. Thanks in advance. This is a buitiful unit. Was offered $22,500.00 for it last week.

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately I do not have a wiring diagram for that kit. Wiring is always a pain. On my newest project I ripped all of the wiring out of it and will replace it with a rebel wire kit for a VW bug. It is a little work, but its much better then messing with 40 + year old wiring

  4. Alan Toth says:

    Made a typo on the year of the Frazer-Nash. It is a 1934 and not an 1894. Sorry for the misspelling. . .
    Reguards! Happy Motoring.

  5. Glenn Gooman says:

    Hello I have a 1930 vw bentley kit car and I need a front grill I believe it was built by antique and classic automotive inc. can any one help me contact them if they still exist?

  6. beto says:

    I just picked up a kit car that was not put together complete have parts still in good condition if anyone is interested a 1969 vw was used for the undercarriage fiberglass body is brown and tan red seats ,hubcaps,grill,headlights crome partsall for sale

    • I have a complete car torn apart also.

      I need a copy of the instruction manual for the 1934 Frazer Nash kit made by Antique classics of Buffalo NY.

      Any help would be appreciated.


      • Alan Toth says:

        Hello Dave, I have a 1934 Frazer Nash builders guide for this unit. I may be able to make a copy for you. There is a lot to be desired to build this unit. It took my father-in-law 2 1/2 years to build the unit with some modifications to it. Good luck! I maybe in the market to sell the one I have if the price is right. Also have the Bugatti for sale as well but that is not a rainy day unit since it has no top. . .

    • John says:

      Hello Beto. I am interested in some parts. Can you please send me an e-mail and I will send a picture of the parts I neen? Thank you.

    • Alan Toth says:

      Good luck with your project. Does the A & C Automotive, Inc. still exist in Buffalo, NY? I have a 1934 Frazer Nash that was built by my father-in-law and has a fixed seat so if you are over 5’6″ tall you can not get behind the wheel! He also built a Bugatti that is still running. I reviewed the literature, builders guide, etc., and it is something to be desired! He changed the unit from a right hand drive to a US left handed drive and that was a very big project! Again good luck!!

      • Bill Hall says:

        Mr. Toth I just purchased a 34 Frazer Nash on a VW chassis if yo have a copy of the manual scanned I woul appreciate a copy I’m always messing with VW’s and this was ideal for me want to remove kit check vw pan and floors not sure where or how bolts there are or even if I should attemt it. Thank you for any considerations given this note I live in LA (lower alabama) at a town just outside Ft. Rucker Aviation Post.

        • Michael Nolan says:

          I have a 1934 FN replicar! I would love to get the manual for it! Has anyone scanned the manual? My runs beautifully. I do not know who built it. Someone told me that the folks in Buffalo, NY offered a few already built. My drives very well. I get many compliments when I drive it.

  7. hi i am french and i have buy a frazer nash replica from classic and antic automotive the car come from usa by england i hope to found a builder guide for these unit and many advice to put it in good condition i thinck it is not complet thanks for all information

    • Hi There we are just getting our website up, have a look. We have a 1934 Frazer Nash kit car that we love. We also produce the parts for that year and manuals. We are in Canada.
      Let us know exactly what you need.
      We can help.

      • Michael Nolan says:

        Do you have a manual for the 1934 Frazier Nash replicar? Could it be scanned? I have a very nice example of this kit car. I am trying to repair or replace some of the non working gauges. Also do you have a wiring diagram for this car?

      • Richie says:

        hi there,
        I have a replica VW powered 1934 Frazer Nash and I need a new grill. I would prefer it to be chrome, but am open. Will you be open to help me?

        • Donnie says:

          Hey Richie,

          I personally do not know anyone who sells the grills. ACA is stil open but I do not know if they sell the Nash anymore and if they did that it would fit your car. Best bet would be to call them directly.

  8. Blair Mullen says:

    got an Antique & Classic Automotive Inc. 1937 SS100 Jaguar VW Kit

    I need a roof top and other items can anyone help

    Thanks Blair

    • Mark says:

      Hey, were you able to find any parts for the Jag? I have the exact same kit and looking to see if anyone has been able to fit taller/narrower wheel & tire setup. Most Frazer Nash ones have a much better setup so I know its possible without spending a fortune.

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