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Autokit Industries History

Autokit Industries was a California based company started by Bruce Weeks in the 1970s.The publications of the day all wrote that Bruce weeks designed the Invader GT, his flagship model but that information was not accurate.The story in the Info pack of the day stated that Bruce was a Business Student and he purchased a kit car body from a classified ad that turned out to be way more of a project than he could handle. He then sold it off and decided to design his own car.

The idea for the Invader GT came after Bruce Weeks had a body produced from a set of molds owned by a kit car builder of the time named David Loring. His kit car was called the Mantis Targa. As my research has revealed Bruce convinced David to have a company called Benicia Industries produce 1 body. Instead Bruce had 2 made. From there Bruce butchered the body and called it the Invader. The Invader went on to sell 1000s of kits with the various revisions they did .

Eventually Autokit Industries shut down for reasons that are unknown to me. The molds, tooling, and other assets were sold to Roy Kaylor and marketed under the Kaylor Energy Products name. From what I understand although the kit was marketed in various magazines no other kits were made by Kaylor Energy Products. As of last year the molds to the Invader GT were sitting under the redwood trees of California where they have been for 30+ years. They were on their way to the dump because Mr. Kaylor refused to clean up his property.

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