Avenger / Valkyrie Pick of the Week


Here is something that looks like it started out life as an Avenger or Valkyrie,
Somewhere along the line it had odd ( ugly ) box flares added and a big part of the front end smashed,
It comes with a large amount of rust and other detritus.
If it’s a Valkyrie it’s the late model that you had to get at the engine through the rear window opening.
Asking price of 9500.00 makes this mess my pick of the week, perhaps pick of the month.

So how much would YOU pay for this jewel?

2 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    Not $9500 by any stretch of the imagination. More like $950.00. You’ll need another Avenger just to salvage the nose and rear window.. and probably most of the interior. On the plus side, I see the front end of a Corvair and the tell-tale FWD offset for a Toronado transaxle… so this car may have some secrets. Is it worth the price of admission?

  2. the13bats says:

    Most who know me know I don’t care for the th425 mid engine set ups, and the poor handling of that set up is the likely reason the nose is smashed,
    If the admission price is 950.00 gauging just from these pictures I would say that is still on the high side.
    But the first time I saw this one listed the seller wanted well over 20 K for it….so I guess even 9.5 K is a steal.

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