This is one of those “almost” kit projects that pop up for sale from time to time.
It started as an Aztec 7 but left all that putt putt VW stuff behind, this mean baby has a full tilt custom built chassis and transverse v8 power. ( I have to wonder will that rear mounted radiator keep it cool when things get hot. )
Seems no expense was spared in this build the passion and desire shows and I have to admit I feel badly for the owner having to sell it before seeing the dream come true. When finished I can see this as the ultimate Aztec 7. I would love that chassis under my Valkyrie.
The owner openly admits the body might not be to everyone liking and adds that being the chassis was built for a VW based kit car that the chassis could work under many other VW based kits to get a go that keeps up for the show, I would do some measurements to see if it would fit your body, just because it was made for “vw based” does mean it will fit all VW based kits with out some cutting and fitting. lets face it with a little work and tweaking regardless of body choice this could end up being a true super car.
While the investment was many times the asking price if you are bucks up and 15 K sounds like a deal, hit them up and give this car a home and the finish it deserves.