Aztec II Project Update

Chris’s work on the Aztec GT II I’ve featured here a couple times before is going well — he sends in this update and as you can see the body is off, and the chassis and floor-pans (with drop-floors for more headroom) are totally rebuilt and powder-coated. He’s also moved the shifter back 5″ so it doesn’t hit the dash, and the engine is currently apart and being rebuilt (it’s a Claudes Buggies performance engine). He’s picked up some nice Centreline type rims, and is starting on the fiberglass work.

More updates in the future!

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  1. Tim DiGuardi says:

    Did this car come from Reading, Pa? It looks like the purple Aztec GT that my freind Fred had for sale. I am restoring a 1966 Aztec Gt too but I am not pulling the body off. Keep in touch and maybe we can help each other. If your car has the original fiberglass seats and you are not going to use them let me know. I am scouting for a set of original Aztec GT seats. Best wishes in your project. Tim

  2. Chris Schmid says:

    Yes this is the Aztec GT from Fred in Reading, Pa. It didn’t have the fiberglass seat in it, unfortunately the seats in it were rotten so I picked up a set of 914 seats that should do nicely. Is yours a flip top or gull wing? I’m pondering what to do about the side windows. I don’t like the sliders, I’m thinking something like a pop out. Any suggestions? Why don’t you send Shannon some pics of your project? Chris

  3. Etienne says:

    Is your Aztec already finished ?
    I’m busy to rebuilt one in Belgium !

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