Hey everyone. This is Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Part 3. As some of you know I purchased a second Bradley GT2 for parts. The purchase price was $150 and the body has a good windshield, hardware doors, rear window, hardware and more. The car was really dirty and grimy but it has the original Root Beer Brown gelcoat and the body is all around in good shape. I would even say its in better shape than the first car.

Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Part 3

Bradley GT Project Car Build Part 3

Because of body being in as good of shape as it is, at this time I have changed directions a little bit. Now the plan is to clean up the second body, get some 1500 grit sandpaper and wet sand it, and then polish it. I am almost certain that its going to clean up and eliminate the need for paint at this time.

Another great addition with this car was a Bradley GT2 factory A/C unit. It appears to have been used very little and if I can get it up and running it should at least help me from baking over the summer.

With the second car I pretty much have every bit of hardware I need, minus misc nuts and bolts. It was a very good purchase that is going to save a ton of time.

So whats next? Well this is where the fun will start. Its time to get moving on the chassis. Since the car is now running I will be working on getting the chassis painted, the brakes working, new shocks, and everything else you can expect to be done. At the same time I will obviously get the engine all tuned up and cleaned up.

Well I think that is about it at this time. If I think of anything else I will post it up.