Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Part 2

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  1. steve lambert says:

    yes, that does look tight. Putting the body outside would help, just not too close to the house that rain runs off on it(ask how I know). And get a good tarp, cheap ones are worse that none as they hold in the moisture. I love the bare VW chassis, once actually got one up and running in the middle of a resto on an oval window. Drove it around the block(I’ll look for the pics. One thing to really scope out is the fuel line inside the tunnel. Had one break-after the body was back on. Not a fun fix.

  2. Looks like you’re gona have a nice Bradley Donnie, enjoy.

    • Donnie says:

      Thanks Doug. Lets hope so. I am doing pretty much on my own and on limited time. As it sits now and since the engine starts easily and runs well I am going to move on to pressure washing the chassis and getting it prepped with new brakes and all that jazz. . I have to run up to Virginia on the 25th to pick up another GT2 I purchased for parts. From there I will decided what body I am going to end up using. It appears the second body has the original Root Beer color gel coat in good shape. If its free of any cracks and just needs some elbow grease I am just going to use it. From there its wiring a back together .

      Lets just hope its that easy haha

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