Well here is the much awaited Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Part 2 . I have to admit these posts are not going to be very long. To date I have only put in a few hours into the car. The most time consuming parts are still to come.

Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Part 2

Like with most Kit Cars of this age you are bound to run into many issues when trying to take them apart. As mentioned in a previous post this car was no different. The previous builder used a construction adhesive of some sort to bond the body to the chassis in addition to the bolts. It took a pry bar and hammer to free it.

Body removal

On to the good stuff. With the help of a couple of buddies (and buddies girlfriend) and after a bit more hammering (I mean love) the body came off of the chassis. The best part of doing this during any kit car rebuild is it really gives you the opportunity to see whats going on under the body. There is a lot you just cant see with the body on .

My plan from the beginning was to replace shocks, brakes, bushings, etc. Removing the body showed just how bad the shocks and everything really were. The front shocks were frozen solid and the old rear air shocks were not much better. Also because I knew I needed to replace the starter this made it much easier. It will also make it much easier to rewire the car.

Now as to what I would have done different during this process. Well first I would have either had another 2 big guys to help lift or had a hoist. Keep in mind this body is pretty heavy at about 600lbs . We picked it up and off the chassis with two guys in the rear and one in the front. And it was not easy. In fact it wore me out!

Also I just pieced together a rather sketchy way of getting the body in the garage and off the ground. Im waiting to hear a crash in the garage. I should have just made a rolling dolly and been done with it. My home garage is small and with everything stuff in im left with about a foot of space on either side of the garage. If I was to change it today I would put the body on the side of the house and under a cover as I will do with the second one. I may still end up trying to get it out there after realizing how little space I have.

Well that is about it for the Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Part 2. If you want to follow along with the build cost here is the spreadsheet