Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Update 10

This is Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Update 10. Today I am happy to announce that the chassis is as done as I wanted it to me. Its not perfect but I do have to move on and get the body ready to get back on the chassis.

Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Update 10

Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Update 10

Lets me start off by saying I am glad that I am calling this one done! In all my years of doing this I have never had a chassis fight me as much as this one has. Every nut and bolt was a fight just to get off. It did not matter if it was a 11mm or a brake line. All of it had different plans.

Here a bit of whats been done to this point.

  • Brakes from lines shoes have been replaced.
  • Chassis has been painted
  • Bearings have all been greased
  • shift bushings replaced

Really the list is much longer but I do not want to bore you with all of it. And although I am calling the chassis finished I still need to replace the steering bushing but its got the old rivets on it and they will have to be drilled off. I also want to take the engine off and replace the mounts just because.

And I have still not started the engine since I had it apart but with a bit of good luck is should fire back up and be good to go .

So whats next? Well the idea is to move the chassis out of the garage for a few days and put the body in. Once it is in the garage and flipped upside down I can get the wires run as well as the A/C lines so I can finally get the body back on the chassis where it belongs.

I wish I had more than this right now but I only mess with this car when I have the time so it has been a slow moving project. Hopefully when the body is back on the chassis things will move a bit faster.



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  1. Adam Vivier says:

    Doing a good job there big bro

  2. Ron McCollum says:

    I have a Bradley gtII and at this time am looking for all windows for the car, door latches, and hinges. Can you point me in the right direction to get these parts? Thank you

    • Donnie says:

      Hate to break it to you but all the glass including the windshield are specific to the may try ebay to see if there is anything used.

      The door latches are from a VW rabbit if I recall and the part # are….

      PN 331 827 505 Latch
      PN 331 827 511A Pin and guide

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