Well now we are getting somewhere! This is the Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Update 7. I have to say I have been pretty busy the past week or so getting things together with this car.

Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Update 7

This update is a pretty big one. The chassis is just about done! The engine is also just about done!

While the engine was all apart it was the perfect time to change everything. With the help of Henry at Bugoholics.com, a Texas company, this engine does not only look great, but its going to perform much better than it did. The upgrades include a new distributor with electronic ignition, coil, 55amp alternator, pulleys, and more. Im still figuring out what I am going to do for an exhaust, and the carb is being rebuilt, but the engine is as done as its going to be.

I got rid of those old, ratty shocks and opted for a set of KYB Exel-G . I have used their GR-2 brand in the past with great results. And with a retail price of about $100 a set you can beat the price.

I also enlisted the help of a good friend of mine. I really thought she would be able to get me tools, maybe a drink, or even a rag, instead she decided she wanted to sleep while I did all of the work. Good help is hard to find and yesterday was no exception!!

So whats next? Well I have to get the chassis on jack stands and have a look at the brakes. After that the body is ready to go back on the chassis but not before I can get the body wired up. Much easier to flip the body upside down and run wires that it is once the body is on the chassis.

As of right now I am well below the $2500 budget that I set for the build. You can see the build sheet here

I would like to say its all going to move really fast from here but I doubt it hahah.

Next update coming soon!